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27/04/2010 - Flight cancellations due to Icelandic volcanic ash

UK airspace has now re-opened and most airlines are operating to normal schedules.

We are delighted to confirm that a large number of our clients overseas have now returned home. However, we are still working as hard as we can to assist those who remain in resort and hope that the majority of our clients will have returned home by the end of the week. It is vital that clients in resort remain in close contact with both our local agents and the airlines. Indeed, some airlines continue to liaise directly with passengers, as they feel that this allows them to give more immediate updates on repatriation flights which may be scheduled.

Clients in resort will be required to pay for their own accommodation and expenses, but our local staff are available to assist in securing accommodation at the best rates possible for them. Some airlines will cover accommodation and living expenses whilst others may not. Clients should refer to their travel insurance to ascertain what cover they may have to assist them with any expenses incurred.

All in-resort clients should make contact with the local representative – details are shown on itineraries – and they will do their best to assist them in any way they can.

We appreciate that our clients’ travel plans have been severely disrupted by this unprecedented event and assure you that all our teams both in Head Office and overseas have been working tirelessly to try and bring our clients home as quickly as possible.

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