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Choosing to holiday in the Isle of Man means you not only get to escape the hustle and bustle of life back home and enjoy a “relaxed way of life”; but because the Isle of Man is part of the UK, you avoid the hassle of travelling abroad – the currency is the same, the people speak English and driving is on the left.

Travel Documentation

Whilst passports are not required for entry to the Isle of Man, increased security is such that most airlines now require that you produce valid photo identification at check in. The following forms of ID are acceptable:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Photographic driving licence
  • Citizen Card

Isle of Man local information

Arrival by air

On arrival in the Isle of Man, collect your luggage and exit into the Arrivals hall. If you have pre-booked transfers, your driver will be waiting for you with a sign displaying your name and will take you to your transfer vehicle. Your driver will be able to advise you of your return transfer time also. Otherwise, you may call the telephone number on your itinerary the day before departure to check the details. If you are making your own way to your accommodation, there is a taxi rank directly outside the Arrivals Terminal and a bus stop adjacent to that.

Arrival by sea

If you are taking your own car you will receive driving directions to your hotel in your ticket pack. If you are a foot passenger, you will be directed to the Sea Terminal for luggage collection. If hiring a car, a representative from the car rental company will be in the area with appropriate identification and will assist you to the car. If you have pre-booked transfers, a driver will be waiting for you. If you are making your own way to your accommodation you will find a taxi rank outside the Main entrance. During the summer season (mid May – end of Sept) the Horse Tram service operates along the promenade. The bus station for buses to other areas of the island is approx 300 yards from the Sea Terminal.

Car hire

The Isle of Man is surprisingly large and although the local bus service (and the trains and trams in the summer) offers an efficient way of getting around, a car allows you the freedom to come and go as you please and to visit some more "off the beaten track" locations. We offer the chance to pre-book your car hire at competitive prices.

Our car rental supplier, for pre-booked car hire, is Athol Car Rental whose offices are in the Arrivals Hall at Ronaldsway Airport. They also have offices in Douglas on Peel Road and Central Promenade.

Car hire rates in Isle of Man do not include fuel or collision damage insurance. When selecting your vehicle, you should ensure that you choose a vehicle which is large enough to carry the passengers AND all their luggage if you intend to collect if from the airport or port!

You must provide a fully valid driving licence which you must have held for at least one year at the time of rental. If you have a photo driving licence, you should also ensure that you have the paper part. Should you have had any serious motoring convictions during the last five years please check with our reservations staff that you are eligible to rent a vehicle. The car rental company reserves the right to refuse or withdraw a rental. You will need to provide credit card details at the time of collection to guarantee any extra charges.

Please do not forget your driving licence - you will not be allowed to collect your car without it and no refunds will be available for unused services.

Insurance: The car rental company provide fully comprehensive insurance with unlimited public liability cover in respect of injury to other persons or damage to their property. The insurance extends to provide for loss by fire and theft and for damage to vehicles with an initial Customer Responsibility Excess Amount - currently £1000. This responsibility amount can be reduced to a revised lower amount of £350 by payment locally of the appropriate Collision Damage Waiver premium (approximately £9 per day). Windscreens, tyres, under carriage, replacement locks, replacement keys, key remotes and use of the vehicle for towing, racing, rallying, competition or pace making are not covered under the insurance policy. In addition, by payment of an optional Peace of Mind Insurance premium, the responsibility amount is reduced further to NIL. Customers who elect to purchase Peace of Mind Insurance are permitted to nominate an additional driver free of charge for the duration of the hire period.

Age requirement: Drivers must be at least 23 years old having held a full car driving licence for a minimum of 12 months. The maximum age for car hire is 75.

If you would like an automatic car, these may be available on request. Please ensure that you advise us of this before you travel, so that we can check that a suitable car is available. A supplement will be charged locally for automatic cars. If you wish to pick a car up at the port or have it delivered to a hotel after 1805 hours, a charge will be made locally.

Cars are rented on a ‘pay as you use’ method with regard to fuel. Your car will have at least £6.00 worth of fuel in the tank at the commencement of the rental which you pay for. You will receive no refund for any fuel left in the tank at the end of the rental. We would, therefore, suggest that you buy fuel, when required, in small amounts. There are over 15 petrol stations on the island. Driving laws are the same as in the UK.

During car rally periods, you may be asked to pay a deposit on collecting your car. This will, of course, be refunded if the car is returned safely and without damage.

Hotel rating

All properties in our brochure and online are regularlyinspected to ensure that standards are maintained.The ratings are awarded by independent gradingauthorities, who inspect properties annually. Whereavailable, we publish the official ratings as aguideline, but this is not an exact science and youshould remember that even within one category,there will be differences between properties.

Descriptions and prices should also be taken intoaccount when considering the type ofaccommodation you can expect.

In general, accommodation is divided in to threemain categories: hotel (usually offering a widerrange of facilities and services, which will bedetailed within the hotel description), guestaccommodation (typically smaller guest houses –often family run - possibly only offering bed andbreakfast, where quality is more important thanfacilities and services) and self-catering. Gradesare awarded within each category and although allcategories of property are given star ratingsbetween one star and five stars, the actualstandards will differ as the grading criteria varyaccording to the accommodation type, so it isimportant to be aware of the accommodationcategory. We offer accommodation of all typesfrom the simplest at the lower end of the scale tothe more comfortable with a more extensive rangeof services and facilities at the higher end. Pleaseread the descriptions on our website (and ask ourstaff for more information if you need it) to enableyou to choose the one which is right for you.

Isle of Man: Grades are awarded under the VisitBritain scheme and range from one star to fivestar. You should note that there aredifferent grading criteria for hotels, guestaccommodation and self-catering, so the samenumber of stars in an hotel and guestaccommodation should not be taken to mean thatyou can expect the same standards. Someproperties have also opted to be graded by the AA.


Car parking

Most towns on the island enforce ‘Disc Parking’ regulations. If you have hired a car you will find a ‘disc’ in the car. If bringing your own car, ‘discs’ can be collected on board the Isle of Man Steam Packet vessels or at the Tourist Information Centre in the Douglas Sea Terminal and at Commissioner’s offices around the island. When parking, look out for the signs which advise the length of time you are allowed to park.

Heritage and Explorer passes

If you have pre-booked either of the above, you will find your tickets included in this pack. Please read the instructions relating to the validation of the Explorer Passes very carefully. Once they have been dated, they cannot be changed. If you are unsure or require any advice, please contact us before departure, or contact our local office on arrival. Please note that trains and trams only operate during the summer months. During the winter, some heritage sites have limited opening or may be closed altogether.

Mobile Phones

Please be aware that the Isle of Man has its own telecommunications services. In order to use your UK mobile phone, you will need to have a roaming facility and calls will generally be at a higher rate. If you have a “pay as you go” phone, it may be advisable that it is “topped up” before you go.

Manx money

The Isle of Man currency is sterling, but the island does print its own notes (there is a Manx £1 note) and coins. UK currency is accepted readily in all establishments, although you can expect to receive Manx currency in return. You will not be able to spend this on your return home, but most banks will change this for you.


There is a casino in the Palace Hotel. Membership can be arranged for residents and non-residents. Minimum age for entry is 18 years. Identification (which includes a photograph ie passport) is required before membership and entry can be permitted.

Useful telephone numbers

Tourist Information: 01624 686766
Ronaldsway Airport: 01624 821600
Athol Car Rental: 01624 822481
Emergency Services: 999
Douglas Police Station: 01624 631212
Isle of Man Hospital Services, Douglas: 01624 650000
Isle of Man Hospital Services, Ramsey: 01624 811811
Isle of Man Steam Packet Company (ferries): 01624 661661
Isle of Man Transport (Bus and Train schedules):    01624 662525
Manx National Heritage: 01624 648000
Gaiety Theatre Box Office: 01624 694555
Isle of Man Weather News: 0900 6243300

Local Radio station is Manx Radio on 1368 AM or 97.2 FM

If you need non-emergency medical or dental help please ask the staff at the hotel reception.

You will find opticians in Strand and Duke Street in Douglas, Parliament Street in Ramsey and in Orchard Walk in Port Erin - again the reception staff at your hotel will be able to give you directions.

General Safety

When driving on some of the smaller country roads, remember that the island has a large farming community and that these areas may have agricultural traffic as well as the occasional herd of cows going for milking.

The coastal and cliff top scenery is stunning but it can be dangerous if you do not stay on the designated footpaths. Most paths are reasonably well marked. It is not advisable to walk either on the coast or in the hills if the weather is inclement as this can lead to low cloud or mist. There are many walks through the glens, which offer pleasant, and in many cases more leisurely, alternatives to longer walks.

If you decide to go swimming in the sea, please ensure you know the area. It is always safer to swim in a part of the island popular with others. Please take care with any inflatables that a child may play with. Remember these are toys and not safety devices and can be swept out to sea by the wind and then by the sea currents in a matter of moments. Never mix alcohol and going into the sea, even if it’s only a paddle.

The vintage transport system on the island is among the best in the world. When driving please be aware that the steam railway from Douglas to Port Erin has manned level crossings and as you would expect these are the gate types.

However, the Electric train from Douglas to Laxey and then to Snaefell or Ramsey has over 12 crossings all of which are un-manned and not gated. Some operate with traffic lights, but at the majority the car driver or pedestrian is warned by the tram whistle.

Do not attempt to get on or off the trains or the horse trams until they are stationary.

100 %Financial Protection

When you are planning a holiday, you not onlywant to know that your tour operator has thenecessary experience to guide you throughcomplex itinerary planning, but you also wantto know that your holiday is financially safe.The money you pay for your holiday is safeunder the protection provided by our AirTravel Organiser’s Licence and the bond wehold with the Association of British TravelAgents. Put simply, if something happens tous, you get your money back.

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